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D and K Wealth Advisors
Your Dependable Financial Growth Partners Since 1991

D and K Wealth Advisors LLP is a multifaceted financial advisory firm with deeply-rooted philosophy and legacy of wealth creation spanning over more than two decades. Based in Ahmedabad, we began our journey as an equity brokerage house in 1991 and evolved into an inclusive wealth advisory and consultancy firm to help individuals with their savings and wealth creation needs.

Spearheaded by Mr. Darshit Khetani- a professionally-qualified Chartered Accountant, D and K Wealth Advisors augments the process of long-term wealth creation for investors by providing valuable investment advisory services. We are driven by the passion to assist individuals in the process of wealth creation through efficient wealth management by investing in rewarding investment options such as SIPs, mutual funds, equity, PMS, bonds, corporate FDs, structured investment products, etc.

Our Pillars of Strengths

Experience Spanning Over Two Decades

We have been actively involved in the financial investment domain since 1991, offering us an undisputed edge over market players in the industry.

Dedicated Research Desk

Our in-house research desk analyzes industry data, reports, trends, and global developments on a routine basis adding much-needed agility and data-backed insights to our wealth advisory services.

Interactive Investment Approach

With D and K Wealth Advisors, you are never alone in your investment journey. Our routine interaction sessions and portfolio review meetings make sure your investments are aligned to your life goals.

Tailor-made Plans

We believe in customizing wealth planning and advisory as every individual is unique in his/her needs are too. Hence, we draft customized plans based on the purpose of investment and future financial needs. Whether you are looking for a comfortable retirement or to fulfill short term goals like buying a car or home, we will create the right plan that helps you achieve all your financial goals.